Roland Kohler GmbH is an innovative supplier of unique furniture and design objects. The company was founded by the architect and designer who gave the company its name, and whose dream was always to own a small, exclusive furniture factory. Roland Kohler learned how to design furniture and objects of daily use from scratch, first as a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart and later in various offices. He then went freelance and worked in the fields of architecture and furniture design. He worked for numerous manufacturers such as Kill International, Wilde + Spieth, FSM and others.

The company is located in Buchen, halfway between the metropolises of Stuttgart and Frankfurt. The small town has quite a name in the architecture and design scene, as the well-known architect Egon Eiermann worked in Buchen for several years. He also found his final resting place here.

At Roland Kohler, series production is only considered when the product has a high degree of authenticity and can fully convince in terms of form. Important points such as comfort, everyday utility and sustainability are not neglected.