With this elaborately manufactured cantilever chair, the almost 100-year history of the chair without back legs is continued and a bridge is built into the 21st century. Conceptually, it differs from all its predecessors because the chair legs are tilted forward by 53°. The spring effect is clearly noticeable not only in the rear, but also in the front seat area.

In addition to comfort, the focus during development was on aesthetics. It was the declared goal that the upholstery and steel tube should be on the same level and also have the same thickness. This is the only way to achieve the slim lines that give this cantilever chair its flowing elegance and visual lightness. In addition, innovative detail solutions - such as the double tube profile at the foot end and on the armrests - provide special highlights.

The chrome-plated tubular steel merges seamlessly into the seat and backrest.
A detail that recognises the effort that goes into making this chair.

A special feature is the double round profile at the foot end.
If the cantilever chair has armrests,
this design element is repeated.

The pipe ends are bevelled at 45°.
In doing so, you are taking up a detail that was already present in the most famous
seating furniture in the world, the Viennese coffee house chair.

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METAL FRAME: steel tube 22 x 2.5 mm in cantilever quality, high-gloss chrome-plated or powder-coated

COVER: Flexible fabric, semi-aniline leather in 12 colors and 99 special colours, hand-stitched saddle seams

WEIGHT: 10.7 kg without armrests, 11.4 kg with armrests